What Is This Place?

What Is This Place?

Wiser Than Before is a write site (“blog” is a strange word) about life and stuff:  Stuff like unexpected metaphors. Stuff like first tries and repeated efforts, meaning in the seemingly meaningless, contentment in the now. And stuff about living with Tourette Syndrome.

My name is Lori and I’m the author. I’m the girl who never deletes an unflattering picture of myself, preferring to be remembered by the faces I’ve pulled.  So much so that I am hard pressed to find a “serious” picture of myself when asked.

Sometimes you will see a guest post.  My guests love storytelling as much as I do.

Am I trying to pass wisdom to you?


But I do hope you enjoy reading what I’ve written.  Comment, please.  I would love to hear your own experiences in life or feedback on the subjects I write about…mainly musings as I meander through life.

Thanks for visiting, dear reader.